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Creative Juice

Apr 12, 2018

You may be familiar with how to sell concert tickets in the traditional industry way - blast an email list, flyer the town until it's paper mache, blast everyone's social media with 7638 tags, change your Facebook profile picture to a gig flyer...

Welcome to 2018, where you can control the audience and measure the effect of almost any message you put out. In this day and age, the methods that many bookers and promoters use to "fill rooms" often kill rooms instead. New strategies could change this entire industry - if only it weren't fundamentally gridlocked...

In this episode, we talk about the future of the touring industry as a whole. We hope to open up a conversation about practices that may no longer be necessary and, in some cases, might be holding us back.

Over this 3-part series, we'll explain what we're doing at the agency level to help Indies build their markets and develop a touring career. Get ready for an incredibly deep dive into how to sell tickets to live shows with digital!